Last night was awesome! Went to the Twenty One Pilots/Panic! at the Disco/Fall Out Boy concert. Was extremely excited for all 3, but the openers are in fact my favorite band so my friend Emma and I decided to go all out and show our skeleton clique pride:) Brooke (the lovely girl without skeleton face) did the make up for us in prep for the concert. Twenty One Pilots set was awesome and I’m only sad that it couldn’t be longer. Afterwards Emma and I ran to the merch table to see what wonderful things we could spend our money on. There was a guy who saw our skeleton face and watched us buying TwentyOne Pilots stuff and said he was a big fan as well. He asked if we wanted to try some Twenty One Pilots trivia. We said sure and he started asking questions like “Do you know Josh’s middle name” (it’s Robert) or “Who is Josh’s girlfriend?” and “what kind of drums does Josh use?” We didn’t know most of the answers. So finally the guy goes “ok do you know where there from?” and finally knowing an answer I confidently said Columbus, Ohio. With that the guy whips the signed drum top thing from behind his back, hands it to me without a word and just walks away. I was super confused and excited and I kinda yelled a thank you his way and noticed he had a radio clipped to his pants. So he must have been one of Tyler and Josh’s friends or tour people. It was really really awesome and Emma and I felt kind of dumb, because he was just acting like he was another fan and talking to us and then he just gives me this crazy awesome thing with a knowing smile and just walked away.

I really can’t believe I got it though. So cool! It’s all worn out and beaten up. I own a piece of drum that Josh Dun has played on!  So ya, thanks Twenty One Pilots for sneaking a fan something special. Was sad I didn’t get to see them after the show, but this pretty much made up for it. Last night was amazing. All three bands put on freaking awesome shows and it is honestly one of the best nights I have ever had.

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    He does merch table I believe :]
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    ohhhh ya, Snyder does seem like a more logical spelling:) Do you know what his job is?
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    never have been so excited to go all out for the openers :) and i’m so glad we did cuz you got a piece of some beat up...
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